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Centre Block

February 5, 2008 - King Of The Castle
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Camera: Kiev 4. Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON.

Clearly a firm resolve has not been an adequate means of ensuring that I update here regularly, so now I'm trying self-inflicted shame. I figure no self-respecting Canadian photographer can leave as hackneyed a shot as the Centre Block of Parliament Hill up for more than 24 hours. Sure, it's a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture, even if the Peace Tower is out of propoertion with the rest of the building. Actually, the Centre Block is quite new, compared to the East and West Blocks. The latter two were built in the 1850s. However, the original Centre Block burnt to the ground in 1916, and only the parliamentary library still exists from the original structure. Currently, the 3 buildings are undergoing life cycle refurbishment, which will cost $1 billion Cdn. over 25 years. Oh yes, I work a block from here, but that's a picture for... tomorrow!