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Tripping The Plastic Fantastic

January 7, 2008 - Tripping The Plastic Fantastic
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Camera: Holga 120N. Queen and Victoria, Toronto, ON.

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this oddity:

James Arnold (aka PlasticFantastic), an English photoblogger has hosted some interesting contests on his blog in the past year. The first contest involved naming the model in one of his shots, with the prize being a set of olive forks. Susan (aka jojofoto) won this contest and concocted a scheme to ship them around the world to the losing contestants, so that we could use them as a subject in our own Holga photos. You can find other takes much better than mine linked below. As such, we offer up our salute to olive forks to the master himself. James, enjoy!


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Jojo Foto

Otto K

Pinkie Style

Riot Sauce

Terror Kitten