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December 11, 2007 - Reprieve
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Camera: Vitivar Ultrawide & Slim. Bank and Somerset, Ottawa.

This post comes to you from less-grey Toronto, on the exotic shores of Lake Ontario. This is the former home of the Duke of Somerset and Lockmaster Pubs, and at one time, a hotel. THis landmark building has anchored the corner here. Recently, while doing some renovation work, the crew knocked out a support in the basement, causing part of the back wall to collapse, and rendering the sturcture quite unstable. In a bizarre twist, the developer wants to preserve the building while the city wants to knock it down. Currently, the developer has won some breathing space and is working on a solution to stabilizing the building. Losing this building would be especially damaging to the area, as so many heritage buildings have already been lost, and this building is an important gateway to the Somerset Village business area.