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Old School

November 29, 2007 - Old School
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Camera: Pentax Spotmatic. Slater and Bank, Ottawa, ON.

If there's one thing I can be highly sentimental about in a city, it's those places that stand the test of the time. looking back on Ottawa and how it was when I grew up, it has changed so much. Soetimes for good, sometimes for not so good. It's a source of comfort though to see some of those places whether the storm. Most often, they seem to be the places that offer some colour to a neighbourhood. Not too much, mind you, or they would likely be the type of place that disappears as soon as fad changes. Those solid places that you found interesting as a kid, and that you'd want to take your kids to. This is one of Ottawa's places, the German Town Deli.

In other news, my weekly installation of Urbanist went up yesterday on Torontoist.com. You can usually catch it there anytime after noon on wednesdays, which is when I post it. Go have a look.