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Crossing Lines

October 20, 2007 - Crossing Lines
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Camera: Pentax Spotmatic F. Lansdowne Park, Ottawa.

Lansdowne Park is the home of the Eastern Canada Exhibition, the Ottawa 67's junior hockey team, and the home of football in Ottawa when we can manage to keep a team afloat. The parks future is uncertain at the moment. There is currently no football team here, and the south side seat need to be torn down due to structural failure, and the Ex is only in town ten days a year. The city has recently decided to have a design competition to redevelop the park. So far the competing visions are for a bunch of condos and what will likely be big box retail, versus a very civilized looking proposal to create a branch of the adjacent Rideau Canal to run through the site, which would be lined with urban (one even wants to say urbane) shops, townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings, while retaining the stadium. I prefer the latter, but am also interested to see what else surfaces.