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Clean Sweep

September 6, 2007 - Clean Sweep
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Camera: Pentax Spotmatic. Halton County Radial Railway, Rockwood, ON.

When the rain came, Allan and I were forced to take cover in the sheds where many of the vehicles that have been restored, or are currently being restored are stored. Not only was the rain an aggravating factor, but some punk little kid kept pulling the bell continuously on the signal shown here. Of course, yuppie mom and dad were too oblivious to take notice. I think yuppie dad was wondering if he could convert this railcar into the biggest SUV yet. At any rate, this car was a snow sweeper that the TTC acquired from the Third Avenue Railway in New York City, who in turn had acquired it from the original owners, the East Massachusetts Street Railway. Built in 1920, it was retired in 1973 and is currently under restoration.

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