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Train At The Junction

September 4, 2007 - Train At The Junction
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Camera: Pentax Spotmatic. Halton County Radial Railway, Rockwood, ON.

Unfortunately I didn't get any great shots of this train, as torrential rain startedpouring as I went over to snap away at it, and they took it back into the streetcar barn. This train ran on the London & Port Stanley interurban, which miraculously ran until 1957, by which time the vast majority of interurbans in North American has vanished. Indeed, my father remembers taking the L&PS as a child. What I do like about this shot, however, is it gives some context to the museum. The Halton Radial Railway actually runs along a portion of the right-of-way that ran from Guelph to Toronto. You can rid between two stations, for a total length of about 2km, so you actually get to feel what some of these old streetcars were like.

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