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A Nice Place To Live

August 8, 2007 - A Nice Place To Live
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Camera: Holga 120N. Kingston Road and Penny Lane.

Another shot from the Holga/Tri-X two-punch. There's something I love about a vine in black and white. It seems to bring out the depth and texture of it to me. But I digress.

Today is a very important day over here at Urban Nation labs. After much research, focus groups, polling and general agonizing over the question, I've decided to let the focus of Urban Nation be my black and white photography. This should come as no surprise, given that most of it is anyways. It seemed to make snese to me, because I personally found it too jarring to go from black and white 35mm film to something like 120 format Holga shots. I still love them both though, so I've started an occassional series called Colour Schemes. I thought about having a separate blog for it, but realized I probvably don't shoot enough colour to justify it. So for now it will exist as a subset of Urban Nation. Enjoy!