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The Keating Channel

July 15, 2007 - The Keating Channel
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Camera: Pentax SV. Lakeshore And Cherry.

This picture represents so much of what has gone wrong with Toronto's waterfront. The first, on your left, is the infamous "Mistake on the Lake", the Gardnier Expressway. Built in the 1950s, this crumbling piece of insfrastructure is one of the most obvious barriers physically and psychologically to the waterfront. The second of course, was the decimation of the estuary of the Don Rivr and replacing it with the Keating Channel. While the highway can be taken down (and Toronto City Council is still hemming, hawing and scratching their heads about whether to take this section down), the Keating Channel isn't likely to be converted to a wetlands in an attempt to restore soem sense of naturalness to the beleagured Don. The fact that the portlands will be redeveloped with housing and new employment should be construed as the best possible scenario. Imagine 20 years from now, with this channel lined with houses like Amsterdam's canals and the highway having been torn down, and this actually could be a pretty cool place.