Érinn Cunningham

"The theme of material abandonment and object obsolescence is one that is recurrent among many artists. This gallery of Érinn Cunningham testifies to how much violence and grace can be contained in an image. They may be either things or persons. The photos evoke a sense of solitude, insouciance, sometimes intentional, sometimes spontaneous. The whole work renders a photo narrative of the world in which we live in spite of time." - Il Reppublica

As a photographer, my work is informed by cities and urban landscapes. Cities are made up of many different layers. There are the more obvious layers - the bricks and mortar that make up the physical landscape, which has its own tale to tell - but there is also a narrative that is created by the people who inhabit that landscape. Sometimes it is innocuous. Other times it is subversive. What I am trying to capture is the manifestation of those narratives and how they play themselves out on, and as part of the urban landscape.

So far my photos have been featured in:

IL Repubblica


(Thanks to Jenya for use of her picture)

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